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Young Entrepreneurs Use Online Distribution Channels to Bring Industrial Grade Sealers & Anti-Graffitis to Digital Age DIY Shoppers and Industry Professionals


/ Have you ever experienced graffiti vandalism? Have you ever wondered how to extend the life of your building investment, by defending against moisture damage, unwanted weathering, aging, or other harsh conditions? This month marks the launch of a new company that has all the answers to these questions. is a company formed to provide both customers and contractors the best customer support and technical advice possible. We take pride in focusing on you, our customer. While some only focus on the bottom line, our team strives to offer a more convenient ordering process and technical advice from experts that have applied commercial grade sealers and anti-graffiti in the field. 

If you are a Do It Yourself-er  or just a weekend DIY warrior, simply log onto and order the protection desired. You can also read up on all the technical information on the site. Still can't figure out what sort of protection your project needs? Call us directly at (949)478-0267 or send us an email and someone will gladly assist. 

Contractors, we haven't forgotten about you. Did you just land a project and need a penetrating water repellent, topical sealer, industrial grade gloss sealer or anti-graffiti product? offers discounted volume pricing for industry professionals. Call us at (949)478-0267 to place your order, and receive competitive shipping rates for delivery direct to your job site, nationwide! 

"More people than ever are researching online and taking their time to compare products before making a purchase when protecting their investments", says sales and technical expert, Emmanuel Gonzalez. "Doing it right the first time saves time, money and headaches."

Visit the website, sign up for an account and start planning and protecting your next project! We will update you with helpful project and product information, as well as great online deals & discounts. 

To help us celebrate our launch, use the discount code 15DCLAUNCH by October 31, 2015 for a 15% discount on your first order!

Media Contact: Makenna Umstead, PR & Marketing Manager, (949)478-0267,


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6 Things You Should Know about Anti-Graffiti


1. What is anti-graffiti?

A sealer you put on your building to protect against unwanted graffiti vandalism. Anti-graffiti defends from spray paint, permanent markers, and other products harmful to your surfaces.

2. Who would benefit from using anti-graffiti?

Anyone experiencing graffiti vandalism can benefit from anti-graffiti. This could be anyone from a residential homeowner, commercial building owner, to city and government agencies.

3. Where can anti-graffiti be applied?

It can be applied to any cement, wood, masonry, plastic or metal surface. This includes indoor and outdoor surfaces: walls, parks, restrooms, homes, garages, schools, parking lots, anywhere that is at risk for graffiti vandalism.

4. When should anti-graffiti be used?

Are you building a new home or business structure? Defend against any unwanted vandalism with anti-graffiti. Do you find yourself repainting the same surface again and again? Is there a mural you would like to protect from damage? Apply anti-graffiti to protect all your surfaces!

5. Who can apply anti-graffiti?

Anyone can apply anti-graffiti. offers DIY systems for homeowners or small business owners looking to protect their building investment. also carries a full line of commercial grade sealers with industry leading material & material/labor warranties. We offer one, five, or ten year warranties, as well as excellent application technical support.

6. How does anti-graffiti work?

Anti-graffiti applies a protective film to any compatible surface, creating a film barrier that protects against graffiti. Now that you have applied the anti-graffiti, your surface is protected and you will need the appropriate graffiti cleaner to remove unwanted graffiti. Simply take your graffiti cleaner purchased at, spray the tag generously, wait about 10 seconds. Using a soft bristle brush, scrub off the graffiti and neutralize cleaner with water.

All of the products sold at are water and citrus based, and Eco-friendly. Create an account for more great information like this, special deals, helpful hints & more in your inbox!

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