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Anti-Slip Additives

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RainguardPro® Slip Resist ™ is a durable anti-skid additive that can be added to interior/exterior paint, epoxies, and acrylic sealers to create a fine gritty texture to help create more traction on a horizontal surface. It dries clear and won’t dull the finish of high gloss sealers or change the color of colored sealers. Works great with RainguardPro® film forming sealers such as:

Use RainguardPro® Slip Resist™ by adding 3.2 oz for each 1 gallon of sealer. Make sure to stir sealer 1-2 min to ensure equal dispersement of RainguardPro® Slip Resist™.

Slip Resist Anti-Slip Additive
Slip Resist Anti-Slip Additive
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