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Winter, Salt & Deicing Protection

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 Protection from damage caused by road salt, ice, rain, snow, and salt spray.  It penetrates the pores of the surface and creates an invisible barrier protecting your home from corrosion. Salt products such as Ice Melt, freeze/thaw cycles, or even the ocean air can all cause cracking, spalling, and other types of damage to your home.  By filling the pores of the surface, Winter, Salt & Deicing Protection prevents moisture and salt from seeping into the surface and breaking it apart. For best results against winter damage, apply between August and October or before the winter freeze.

Easy Clean Up. Simply use soap and water to clean up any overspray on glass and decorative metals. This product is non-toxic and will not harm people, pets, or plants.



  • Penetrating formula does not create a “slippery” surface
  • Low VOC and low odor won’t harm people, pets or plants
  • Suitable for use on green, newly poured concrete (5-7 days old)
  • Apply prior to using “Ice Melt” for easier ice and snow removal
  • Easy to use – Same day, two coat application using a hand pump garden sprayer
  • Easy clean up – Simply rinse overspray and tools with soap and water
  • Protects your investment from continuous freeze/thaw cycles
  • Apply in cold weather down to 40°F and hot weather up to 100°F
Salt Guard  - Salt Air, Winter Salt & Deicing Protection
Salt Guard - Salt Air, Winter Salt & Deicing Protection
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