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Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner 16 oz.

Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner 16 oz.


16 Oz. Spray Bottle (Ready To Use) | Excellent and Versatile for All Surfaces

Citrus based cleaner removes stains caused by marker, paint, scuffs caused by shoes, and more. To be used in conjunction with Scuff and Graffiti Barrier.

Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable graffiti remover designed to dissolve marker, paint, ink, glue or scuffs by shoes. It is 100% water-neutralized (neutralized with water) and is safe for use near waterways, rivers, canals, and reservoirs. Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner is a citrus-based, pleasantly-scented, concentrated cleaner and degreaser designed for a wide range of cleaning chores on any surface not harmed by water alone. Natural orange extracts coupled with biodegradable surfactants, dirt-suspending agents, and builders produce a formidable cleaner for everyday applications. When compared with other name brand products and other commonly used hard surface cleaners, Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner demonstrates conclusive proof that citrus performs more efficiently and effectively. It is suitable for removing graffiti from brick, cement, wood, or any porous surface. Rainguard Scuff & Graffiti Cleaner may damage PVC surfaces (plastics), so it is recommended that a small area be tested prior to use. It is always best to use this cleaner in combination with VANDLSYSTEM graffiti-resistant sealer.